About me

I’m Gary Glanvill, a massage therapist specialising in Raynor Massage Therapy, based in lovely Teignmouth, South Devon.

I have always enjoyed working with people and being of benefit to people. I worked with adults in Social Care for many years. Some time ago I also started to study Bodywork, Swedish Therapeutic massage, Relaxing massage and Mindfulness. Since then I have moved on from Social Care and completed an inspiring course in Raynor massage.

I have been told that I am ‘a natural’ and ‘intuitive’, and it certainly does feel natural and enjoyable for me to be helping with people’s well-being in this way – I have also discovered that my great-grandfather was an early practitioner of massage, with hospital patients in this country in the early 1900’s!

I believe we are all different, with different bodies, storing tension in different places.

What makes my treatment right for you personally?

I will personalise massage treatment for you. I treat people as individuals, and will customise treatments to meet your individual needs.. from ‘just’ relaxing massage (so important in looking after ourselves), helping with tension and energy blockages, through to deep tissue massage. I can be gentle and re-assuring, but can also apply strength if needed e.g. for toned but tight muscles, large or small as with other forms of massage for sportspeople.

Raynor massage demonstration video

Reviews and feedback from customers and clients

Mr J from Teignmouth

“I was fortunate enough to receive two massage treatments from Gary. They were during a period when I was experiencing high levels of anxiety. Gary was both sensitive and reassuring in his approach, putting me very much at ease. The massage itself was a revitalising experience which undoubtedly was a contributing factor in me overcoming my anxiety and being able to return to work. I would recommend his treatment to others without hesitation”.

Mrs D

“A massage with Gary is a whole body, mind, well-being experience. His massage techniques had deep awareness of my individual pain, which left me feeling energised and pain free, for a long time after. He definitely gets to the muscles that you didn’t even know were there but also offers excellent advice and knowledge about how to maintain your body. I was particularly impressed that his massage offered different levels of pressure to suit your needs”.

Mr T

“Thank you Gary, for a really brilliant massage. You made me feel completely at ease. You explained everything so clearly and sensitively before and during the treatment and this really helped me to relax. During the massage, you made sure you were finding out what worked best for me and I felt safe and confident throughout. You are clearly extremely skilled; both in terms of the physical practice of massage and also in your empathetic communication and awareness of the needs of your clients. The treatment left me feeling both relaxed and invigorated – a really positive experience. Thank you!”

Mr H

“I can honestly say the massages and treatment that you have given me are the best and most beneficial I have ever had!! Wishing you every success your knowledge and expertise deserve”.

Ms R

“Gary is very professional and thorough, giving full explanations and clearly listens to health concerns and adjusts his massage accordingly. The tension and pain in my shoulder was helped considerably. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues”.