Massage therapy

Why massage?

Life is stressful. Many of us find it difficult to look after ourselves as well as we should.

In basic terms though, through massage, I can:

The benefits of touch have been recognised around the world from ancient times. The benefits of massage of the skin and hands and feet have been portrayed in records dating back many thousands of years.

Rubbing is a very natural human response to sore muscles, bangs and bumps, and likewise, touch and stroking; are natural e.g. to soothe, comfort and re-assure.

In this country, and the western world generally, the perception of the benefits has been less developed, and in the past certainly, largely focused on ‘muscular’ and ‘skeletal’ systems. However, ther has been growing understanding and appreciation of additional benefits, including to our various other ‘systems’, such as the ‘lymphatic’ system, the ‘endocrine’ system for hormones, the ‘nervous’ system, the systems of ‘digestion’ and elimination, as well as of energy throughout the body, and not forgetting the importance of our psychological and emotional well-being.

Things like culture and lifestyle with often busy and fragmented families etc, have restricted many people’s access to this sort of physical contact, but the availability of professional, skilled, caring, therapeutic hands can also take such benefits to much wider areas, and deeper levels.

What I will offer you

I have previously studied and practiced forms of Swedish, Therapeutic and Relaxing massage. I can therefore draw on a combination of styles and techniques to best suit the needs that arise with your treatment. I can therefore draw on a combination of styles and techniques to best suit your needs, that arise through the treatment.

What is Raynor Massage?

Raynor Naturopathic Massage is different and I think special. It has evolved from traditional forms of massage from around the world, as a holistic system of bodywork.

It was developed by the Canadian born and Australian trained Naturopath, Brandon Raynor. He drew on positive elements of different styles of massage experienced e.g. Chinese, Ayurvedic, Therapeutic, Swedish, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Hawaiian and Reflexology.

At it’s core is the notion of a careful, thorough search for ‘residual tension’ (tension still present in a person’s body when the body is at rest), or ‘blockage’ (e.g. of energy). Tension can be held in unexpected areas of the body which other massage styles may not always focus on e.g. hands and feet and we are often not aware of this, unless specifically worked on. Freeing up these areas can provide great benefit, to that area, but also to the person as a whole. In so doing, the body, and the person, are supported to return to a natural balanced state, with the potential for deep relaxation to follow.

Causes of tension will vary, but can emanate from such things as repetitive or strenuous physical activity / physical strain, posture, or perhaps having to sit still for long periods, but can also relate to some emotional or stressful life experiences, whether of a short, or long term nature, recent, or historical.

This therapy supports and promotes the body’s natural ability to heal, which can often be otherwise impeded by modern day lifestyles. It can help active people to develop and maintain peak performance, and help people with a less active lifestyle to supplement that lifestyle, to repair or balance their bodies for improved health and well-being. We are all different, with different bodies, interests, lifestyles and needs.

Further information about Raynor Massage: