What your treatment will involve

Generally, I will be looking to:

  • Put you at your ease.
  • Consult with you about your needs (including completing a simple consultation form before your 1st treatment).
  • Consult with you about what you would like to achieve from the treatment.
  • Perform treatment e.g. to release tension.

During the treatment:

  • It’s often beneficial to include work on hands and / or feet if you’re agreeable to that, as some tension may unexpectedly be held there.
  • During the massage, if some areas of tension are found i.e. by my hands, or your senses or both, I like to check that you’re happy with the level of pressure being used e.g. that it’s not too much or too little with you (some conditions may benefit from deeper work, and we can continue with that, but only if agreeable to you).

After the massage:

Again, we are all different, and respond differently at different times and stages, but:

  • Many people feel at least some sense of relaxation as their bodies and systems balance after treatment. Some people may feel this quite quickly, or deeply.
  • If someone has wanted some deep tissue work there may be some lingering awareness of this as the body adjusts. It is good to drink water afterwards to help flush out toxins released from the body too.
  • Some people may feel immediately energised after a treatment.
  • Massage can help people involved in physical activities and sports to train and perform better.
  • People often report feeling more comfortable in their body and uplifted, immediately after, and beyond a treatment.
  • Some may feel a combination of the above.

"Book your treatment ... feel uplifted"


  • Special introductory offer for first treatment · £25 per hour
  • Standard rate for · £45 per hour
  • Standard rate for 1½ hours · £60
  • Thank you for introducing a friend · £25 per hour
  • Have 4 massages and 5th one is · £20 per hour
  • Gift vouchers available on request
  • Home visits possible too